For many there is now an assumption that when our waste is taken away it will be recycled. If we, as consumers, keep an eye on the local authority statistics we will quickly realise that not all waste that can be recycled is recycled. This is usually because of a lack of facilities or because of contamination in co-mingled waste.

However, when we think of products that might well have been made from recycled materials, such as wheely bins, or in this case the wheely bin wheels, there is an expectation of some circularity. …

The designers, manufacturers, and operators of the first continuous pyrolysis plant in the UK for end-of-life tyres, has received a substantial grant from BEIS Invest to Grow grant scheme.

Carlton Forest Gains Investment

Facilitated by the University of Derby, the grant has been awarded to highlight the innovation behind the visionary project, the jobs that it will create in the local community initially and in the long term, and the exciting plans that it has for tyre recovery and pyrolysis.

Scott Robson, Managing Director, Carlton Forest Renewables commented; “The £5m investment made by the group has been to this point entirely funded without the…

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